Service Charter

NHIF Mission, Vision & Core Values


To provide accessible, affordable, sustainable, equitable and quality social health insurance through optimal utilization of resources, to the satisfaction of stakeholders.


A world-class Social Health Insurer

Core Values

- Honesty in the execution of duties
- Declaration of any personal interest that may conflict with duties
- Accountability to the public for decisions and actions
- Discipline and committment in service

- Selection on the basis of personal integrity, competence and suitability
- Objectivity and impartiality in decision making

- Respect and service to all
- Promote public confidence and dignity

Recent News

NHIF Services

We have introduced a far more efficient & faster method of collecting employers monthly payroll byproducts to NHIF via the Byproduct system. Due to the different types of software applications that employers use to capture their payrolls, we suggest that you use a standardized software application to capture your monthly NHIF byproduct such as..... More

NHIF registers all eligible members from both the formal and informal sector. For those in the formal sector, it is compulsory to be a member. For those in the informal sector and retirees, membership is open and voluntary. To register....More


- For Individual Members only

To pay via your mobile phone (enabled with Mpesa service) follow these simple steps:
1. Select the Pay Bill option
2. Enter Busines no.
Type in 200222
3. Enter a/c no
Type in contributor's National Identity Number
4. Enter amount
Type in the amount you wish to contribute
5. Enter pin
Type in your Mpesa Pin
6. Confirm all details are correct then press OK
You will receive a confirmation SMS from Mpesa immediately

Check Your Account Status

To get your account status via your mobile phone:
Compose a new sms
Type the letters "ID", a space, then your
ID number (or passport number if applicable) e.g ID 12345678
Send to 21101
Note: Charge for this service is Kshs 10 only.

- For Companies/Organizations only
Payroll Byproduct-Pay Online

Minimum Amount (Kshs)

Maximum Amount (Kshs)


1 49 0
50 100 0
101 499 22
500 999 22
1,000 1,499 22
1,500 2,499 22
2,500 3,499 33
3,500 4,999