Enhanced Scheme Hospitals

The Enhanced Scheme (ES) covers include Civil Servants, National Police and Prison Service (NPS/KPS), County Governments, Parastatals, Pension Schemes for Retired Public officers e.g. The Kenya Association of Retired Officers (KARO), Water & Sewerage Companies, Public Universities among others.

Members of the Enhanced Scheme (ES) can access hospitals under comprehensive or non-comprehensive contracts depending on their individual allocations. Comprehensive hospitals offer all-inclusive services of all the packages to enhanced scheme members without pay (walk in and walk out). The scope of service covered without out-of-pocket payment. 

Members of the Enhanced Scheme with higher allocations can access non-comprehensive hospitals under Fixed Fee For Service (FFS). Below are the a categories of facilities accessible to members of the Enhanced Scheme (ES). The hospitals have been grouped as comprehensive and non-comprehensive.

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