Hospital Categories

The National Scheme Cover dubbed ‘The Supacover‘ is available to all eligible Members and their dependants. There over 7,000 hospitals empanelled hospitals available in two contract categories:


Comprehensive hospitals offer all-inclusive services of all the packages to members of the National Health Scheme (NHS) without pay (walk in and walk out). The scope of service covered without out-of-pocket payment. They comprise of government hospitals and selected Faith-based and private hospitals. Active NHIF members get to enjoy full and all-inclusive cover for all admissions provided. Click the button below to access a list of all comprehensive hospitals empanelled by NHIF.


Non-comprehensive hospitals comprise of some Government hospitals & faith-based hospitals and private hospitals. Members who choose to visit the hospitals in this category may be required to pay out of pocket for services offered. Click the button below to access a list of all non-comprehensive hospitals empanelled by NHIF.


One can only choose one hospital for the principal member and one for each of the declared dependants depending on their locality. One can choose a hospital that is nearest to them. Hospital changes are done every quarter. You can choose or change a hospital in the following ways


Dialling *155# and following prompts.


Using 'My NHIF’ App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store


Members of the National Health Scheme (NHS) can only access hospitals under comprehensive contracts. They can however access non-comprehensive hospitals only on referral when undergoing specialized surgeries. Click the button below to get a list of hospitals that can be accessed by the National Health Scheme (NHS).

Members of the Enhanced Scheme (ES) can access hospitals under comprehensive or non-comprehensive contracts depending on their individual allocations. Click the button below to get a list of hospitals that can be accessed by the Enhanced Scheme (ES).

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