Empanelment & Contracting Process

Step 1.

Application for License from KMPDC

Step 2.

Application to NHIF and verification by NHIF Branch

Step 3.

NHIF Board Approval

Step 4.

Gazettement at AG’s Office

Step 5.

Contracting of the HCP

Recognition & Declaration Requirements


Certified true copy of certificate of registration by Kenya Medical Practitioner And Dentist Council (KMPDC)


Certified true copy of valid license to operate as a medical facility by Kenya Medical Practitioner And Dentist Council (KMPDC)


Certificate true copy of certificate of registration of business name/ certificate of incorporation by the registrar of companies as applicable (copy of cr12 form)


Complete NHIF self-assessment quality checklist( accessed from downloads)


Service Level Agreement for all standalone Dialysis Units with an NHIF accredited hospital with ICU/ HDU facilities.


Certificate of registration & upto date licence to operate pharmacy by Pharmacy and Poisons Board for healthcare providers categorized as KEPH LEVEL 3A and above.


Certificate of registration & up to date licence to operate labaratory by Kenya Medical Labaratory Technicians &Technologists Board for all healthcare providers


Certificate from National Cancer Institute Kenya for oncology healthcare providers

Call for Comments & Invitation for Public Participation on the Draft National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Amendment Act Regulation