National Health Scheme (NHS) Hospitals

The National Health Scheme (NHS) dubbed “UHC Supacover” is the primary health insurance cover for all members and their declared dependants as provided in the Amended NHIF Act of 2022. The membership is both statutory (employed) and voluntary (self-employed) to all Kenyans who are ordinarily residents in Kenya and who have attained the age of 18 years. Members enjoy inpatient, outpatient services and special benefits packages.

Members of the National Health Scheme (NHS) can only access hospitals under comprehensive contracts. They can however access non-comprehensive hospitals only on referral when undergoing specialized surgeries. Comprehensive hospitals offer all-inclusive services of all the packages to members of the National Health Scheme (NHS) without pay (walk in and walk out). The scope of service covered without out-of-pocket payment. Linda Mama is also covered in these hospitals. Below is a list of facilities accessible to members of the National Health Scheme (NHS).

Click on the respective icon or title of hospital categories to open the table list.

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