National Health Scheme (NHS)

The National Health Scheme (NHS) dubbed “UHC Supacover” is the primary health insurance cover for all members and their declared dependants as provided in the Amended NHIF Act of 2022. The membership is both statutory (employed) and voluntary (self-employed) to all Kenyans who are ordinarily residents in Kenya and who have attained the age of 18 years. Members enjoy inpatient, outpatient services and special benefits packages. Voluntary contributors pay Kshs. 500 every month for the principal members and their declared dependants.

Enhanced Scheme (ES)

The Enhanced Scheme (ES) is a negotiated comprehensive cover between a procuring entity and NHIF. It is an enhancement from the National Health Scheme (NHS). covers include Civil Servants, National Police and Prison Service (NPS/KPS), County Governments, Parastatals, Pension Schemes for Retired Public officers e.g. The Kenya Association of Retired Officers (KARO), Water & Sewerage Companies, Public Universities among others.

Linda Mama

Linda mama started as Free Maternity Services which was introduced by the government in June 2013 and was by then administered by the Ministry of Health (MoH). In July 2016, the Free Maternity Services Program was transitioned to NHIF, was rebranded to become Linda Mama which was launched in Nairobi in October 2016.

Linda Mama is a Government Flagship program administered through NHIF. It was rolled out in NHIF on 1st April 2017. It is a nationwide programme funded by the GOK, World Bank and JICA and targets all pregnant women who are Kenyan citizens.

The cover period is one (1) year which commences from the time the cover is activated at the healthcare facility.

Edu Afya

Edu Afya is a comprehensive medical scheme for all public secondary students covering all students captured under the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) and registered with NHIF. It covers all children in public secondary schools in Kenya.

One can check the scheme they are in using the following steps:


Dialling *155# and following prompts.


Using 'My NHIF’ App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store

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